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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Four Years Sober

Five years ago I would have told you that this would be a ridiculous and unnecessary idea, a stupid idea really; that I certainly didn't have a problem with alcohol and that I was just fine thank you very much! Four years ago I would have told you that my life was practically ruined and that it didn't matter if I drank again or not.

That was then, this is now. Now I am so thankful that God has given me the grace to resist the urge, an urge that comes and goes to this day, an urge to run, to escape into the bottle. God has given this grace by placing people in my life that have stood by me in the ups and downs of these past five years. God has also done this by giving me a sense of purpose, by helping me to see that my struggles with addiction, mental illness, and suicide can all help call people to a deeper understanding of Christ's love for them in (not in spite of) their brokenness. I could see my story as a humiliation, something to be avoided at all cost, but I cherish the opportunities that I have to tell my story, to open up to others about my humanity as well as the reality of what Christ is able, and willing, to work with.

Link to Sirach, Chapter 2, NRSVCE

If you, or someone you love struggles with addiction, mental illness, or thoughts of suicide please know that I am more than happy to talk with you; to listen about the darkness in your life and help you look for help and signs of Christ's abundant light. You are not alone. God bless!